The Future of UOW Creative

EDIT: Given the time frame and other factors for working on this digital artefact I have decided to completely switch my DA focus. Before, I wanted to imagine a life after COVID-19. Now I am changing my project to the future of UOW Creative.


UOW Marketing grew UOW Creative as a dedicated prototype platform which is used to promote and showcase university life, the class environment and the creative talent within.


  • UOW Students from all campuses (international and domestic)
  • UOW Academics from disciplines related to the creative industries
  • UOW Alumni
  • High School Academics teaching disciplines relate to the creative industries
  • Future Students (international and domestic)
  • Future Student Influences (parents, friends, family)
  • Creative Industry businesses and professionals (e.g. companies, individuals, industry bodies, suppliers, facilities, art galleries, event managers, festivals)
  • Community surrounding out campuses

Concept / Content

Course Creative Output (works in progress, behind the scenes, skills/techniques, materials/equipment)

Class Environment

(ways of working, student experience, discussions on course work)

Creative Industries (trending topics, industry partners, opportunities)

Campus Life (campus features, events, exhibitions, hidden)


There are currently 3 platforms that we will be working on: Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. I will be working on UOW Creative Instagram.

Within each of these platforms, there are 3 different roles: Content creator, Moderator, and Content Analyst. These roles will be rotated within the team.


Showcase students work, create a local community, allow potential future students to start thinking about what they would like to study.


We will post daily. This includes stories, posts, likes/following relevant accounts.


Live After COVID-19

BCM325 Pitch

For my BCM325 digital artefact, I wanted to focus on a future after COVID-19. The reasons behind this may be apparent, but we are now living in a time where chaos has spread globally. Each and every country has been and will continue to be affected by the virus in some way. This can be on a macro-level (eg. international trade), or on a micro level (eg. short pasta supply).

I believe this speaks to the future as it may help encourage productive discussion rather than pure panic. Starting a discussion on the future may help to plan ahead, raise awareness, and create viable solutions.

Image result for covid 19 future

For my project, I will be creating a series of blog posts which discusses a subtopic relating to a post-COVID future. My current blog post ideas are…

The future of:

  • Trade
  • Businesses
  • Education
  • Food
  • Products
  • Consumerism
  • Tourism
  • Surveillance
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Music
  • Immigration
  • Law
  • Stereotypes

I will also be interviewing my roommate on his thoughts and opinions in addition to a short YouTube video which I have already started filming…

I plan on receiving feedback via Reddit discussions and published content engagement (views, comments, likes). This will allow me to incorporate people’s thoughts and opinions into my next blog post as well as update my previous blog posts.

In terms of schedule, I plan on creating one blog post every fortnight (total of three). This will allow me to further add to my online presence and maintain consistency with uploads.

As discussed in lecture, the design of the iPad was influenced by Star Trek’s touchscreen PADD. This vision of the future led to something that we now are fortunate enough to have.

Star Trek PADD Devices

The past designed the future which relates to this BCM project having the capability to shape the future, whether it’s someone’s own personal views and ideas or something much greater. Imagining the future on a large scale leaves so much open to interpretation, ultimately fuelling creative thinking.

12 thoughts on “The Future of UOW Creative

  1. Right now, we are living all together the COVID-19 crisis which nothing similar happened in the past decade, so having a discussion about it totally speaks to the future and it’s an excellent topic in my opinion. As mentionned in this class, studying what happened in the past to understand the future is called future studies and it will help people in the future if another pandemic would occur. It will be difficult to find academic sources about this new crisis but this is a link of an article that may help you :

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  2. This article is about how coronavirus could affect urban planning of a city in the future and the use of new technologies and big data to track the virus. This information could be useful for your research because it covers topics such as law, technology and surveillance.

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    1. Thanks Bianca!
      That link is great. Narrowing in on the tech and surveillance aspect of it, I considered whether this virus was a way to sell surveillance (intentionally?). Countries (and individuals) will value health so much more. With incorporating a surveillance system, pandemics such as this can be avoided as much as possible. However, then we’ll have to give up an immense amount of privacy, but my prediction is that people will be more willing to do so if the trade-off is increased protection from unnecessarily contracted virus and disease.


  3. Creating productive discussion around the pandemic instead of panic is essential in times like this. It is easy to get caught up in the media and find yourself consuming COVID-19 related issues every minute of the day. Personally, I have chosen 2 sources to get my daily updates from and do my best to disregard the majority of the information that doesn’t come from these sources, purely to stop myself from becoming overwhelmed about the crisis. Your list of current ideas signifies how easy it is for that to happen. Whilst I can’t offer any valid advice for what I think the future will look like after this pandemic is over, this article covers a range of your ideas – to help you narrow down and find a niche to focus on.

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  4. Hey Steff, your DA looks super promising and the planning is thorough. Your chosen topic is also really relevant and successfully addresses the future for years to come. I’ll be following your progress throughout this session for sure.

    I like that you’re taking a multimedia approach with your blogposts by including videos and interviews to supplement the topic being discussed. I think it would be great if you could interview people in the local community or broader NSW with knowledge relevant to the topic of the blog post. For example, a local musician for the future of music, or a small-business restaurant owner for the future of food/businesses etc. You could reach out on Twitter to find a suitable interviewee each fortnight.

    Research will definitely be an important part of this DA since it covers such a range of topics. It might be easier on yourself to hone in your focus on a small group of topics that relate closely to each other, just to reduce workload, but that’s obviously up to you.

    This article collates the ideas of many individuals from different fields of work about the impact COVID-19 will leave behind for society;

    Good luck with your DA and stay healthy.

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  5. This is a really interesting DA idea, and something of course all too relevant for us right now. I’m slightly worried for you with how much time you’ll be spending on this though, as you’ve listed a lot of topics to cover in blog posts. Have you considered maybe focusing more in depth on just two or three of those issues, rather than covering all of them more briefly? Either way I’ll be happy to check them out once you’re finished. It’s going to be really cool to read them as our society is (hopefully) on the road to recovery from COVID-19.
    If you haven’t yet, I’d certainly check out, it seems to be following the same vein you are except not as in depth as you’ve planned.
    I’d also keep checking for all the Government updates so you can see how industries are recovering with each new Government updates.

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  6. Very timely and relevant DA! I think this DA has the potential to help inform audiences and prompt conversation about what the future looks like post COVID-19.

    How far in the future are you planning at looking at e.g. 6 months, 1 year, 5 years? It would be cool to explore the different timeframes in your blog posts and videos, kind of like a prediction timeline for the future. It’d be interesting to look at past pandemics and research how the world has changed/what we learnt from these and what we can do different throughout/after COVID-19.

    I think a big point of difference between COVID-19 and past pandemics is the advancement in technology and the existence of social media. This is the first worldwide pandemic that has been broadcast and talked about on social media. I think it would be interesting to look at how COVID-19 has changed (for better or for worse) our trust in the media. (

    I found a few resources that could benefit your research:

    Good luck, I’m excited to see where this goes!

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