BCM215 Beta’s: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments


Digital Artefact: Movies based on video games

Rosy has made incredible progress throughout her DA so far. Her Beta was very organised, she provided a clear layout of how she was managing her time and content, and she made sure to incorporate her Pitch’s feedback into the rest of the project.

Rosy decided to break up her DA into 3 YouTube videos, each focusing on a subtopic within game-based films. In order to create each video, she was going to use 3 methods to collect information. One of the methods was a UOW survey, so I suggested starting it earlier rather than later in order to gain more feedback.

After doing some research, I thought that including some information on interactive films (eg. 3D) could be used in her project. This doesn’t specifically relate to video-game based movies, but it’s a strategy that we have commonly seen in order to increase audience engagement. Rosy is looking at what causes game-movies to crash or burn, so production strategies could be a part of this.

I found a source that focused on interactive films and thought it was perfect. The article directly looks at the relationships between movie-watching experiences vs. computer game experiences.


Digital Artefact: Artificial intelligence in video games

Tammy’s project has been going very well. In both her beta video and blog post she did a great job in explaining the iterations she has made throughout the semester. She has used a variety of methods to engage with an audience and receive feedback.

Tammy plans on interviewing a Twitch streamer for her project. I thought this was a great idea! In my comment, I suggested she use a post-structuralist approach and try asking the streamer her views on how A.I. is viewed differently within cultures, age, etc. I acknowledged that they might not even have an answer to the question, but maybe the interviewee will have some insight into their audiences’ views based on Twitch comments, discussions, etc.

I learned a lot about A.I. just by doing a small amount of research and included some sources that may be relevant. The first source was how A.I. is being used in creative communities (computer-generated emojis) where the second source is how A.I. is being used on Twitch. Tammy already had a lot of great sources so I thought it would be helpful to include some that were still A.I.-related but were not repeating information that she already had.


Digital Artefact: Effects nostalgia has on gaming (reviving a games popularity or hindering its evolution potential?)

Serena did a great job with her beta video and pitch. She made a point to include what she changed from her pitch as well as what has stayed the same.

She had done research on nostalgia (definition, history) as well as background info on the game Runescape. Her project focuses on the various releases of Runescape where one version is a “nostalgic version”. I suggested she incorporate some background info on this particular release since it’s a perfect example to lead her DA.

I found a few more sources that could potentially help her with the rest of her project…

I tried to find sources that focus directly on Runescape and wanted each source to include relevant and new information.


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